GM and Cadillac Should Know Better

Cadillac Celbrates 100 Years…with Cologne
I love the concept of branding. It’s fun, challenging and very important to small and large businesses alike. With this in mind, I’m pretty disappointed with this attempt at brand extension by Cadillac.

If you know me you know that I’m a GM man. I like the brand for a few reasons but the #1 reason I drive a Cadillac is because Kinsey’s dad owns a dealership.

Cadillac has positioned itself over the years as a premiere brand in the world of automobiles. It’s logo, design and reputation of quality have made it a great American symbol.

Cadillac has experienced a few flops in the last 10 years but recovered extremely well. The Catera was created to compete with the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. This was an absolute flop and terribly diluted Cadillac’s brand. In recent years Cadillac dumped the Catera and reinvented itself. The effort has been a wild success. The sharp designs of the sedans and Escalades have resurrected Cadillac as a premiere brand.

Having said all of this Cadillac has introduced a fragrance line to celebrate it’s 100 year history. This attempt at brand extension is corny at best and awful at worst.

Someone on Madison Avenue needs to tell Cadillac’s marketing guru’s that this is not a good idea on any level. My only hope is that this new endeavor will be such a bust on the front end, that the brakes will be slammed before it hits the mainstream media. Cadillac and GM should know better.

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