Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Joker Meets Oscar – Well Deserved

I don’t know much about acting. Actually, I don’t know much about Hollywood. However, I do know that when I was sitting in a theater at the beach watching The Dark Knight, I was seriously impressed.

When we showed up, I bought our ticket expecting to watch Batman do his thing. Enter Heath Ledger as The Joker.

The late Ledger completely stole the show. He was gross, happy, awful, nasty, ugly, disturbing, funny and sometimes made sense all wrapped into one character. His makeup licking tongue was borderline barf and the only line I can quote from the movie is, “Wanna See a Magic Trick?”

In my mind Tom Hanks is probably the best actor in Hollywood, but this single performance was probably the best that I can recall. Sitting there, I knew I was watching a great performance.

I wasn’t watching when Heath won his Oscar, but I’m glad he did. He deserved it.

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