Get Ready For Pool Time, Columbia, SC!

KGPoolSaturday afternoon I took our girls out for a long walk around the neighborhood.  It was a long stroll, whereby I ended up pushing all three cuties aimlessly from cul-de-sac to cul-de-sac.  Truth told, I was really buying time while Jen was gone on one of her lengthy grocery store runs.

As we cruised towards the home stretch I noticed some noise coming from the clubhouse area.  We pushed closer and BOOM!, the pool was open.  WoOHoO!  Finley jumped in the kiddie pool like it was a bathtub, soccer uniform and all, and a new tone was set. A new friend followed suit, and spring/summer had begun.

Pushing my girls around the neighborhood is always a good time.  For our four year old, however, accidentally finding an open swimming pool is a big deal. 

Did we go back after my Sunday Open House?  Of course! This visit, however, we were greeted by dozens of friends. Word is out, the pools are open!

It’s going to be a great spring/summer.

Thank you!


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