Gamecock’s Lattimore Is Doing It Right.

On Monday, all of our Facebook News Feeds were full of ‘Status Updates’ that local icon/USC running back, Marcus Lattimore, had decided to enter his name into the NFL draft, foregoing his remaining eligibility to play for the Gamecocks. While it was a bittersweet pill for Gamecock fans to swallow, three words come to mind: Good for him.

Wednesday afternoon we’ll know more about Lattimore’s decision making process, as USC has announced a press conference.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a few thoughts about Lattimore and the situation at hand. Honestly, out of fear I’d be lynched by friends and fans, I refrained from suggesting that he should, in my opinion, go directly to the NFL.

As Lattimore sat on the field looking at his twisted leg, Gamecock Nation (Tennessee players, too) watched a young man in agony. At the same time, we feared for his wildly promising future. The next day it was reported that all may be OK, and that he would probably tow a football again.

No matter his love for USC, chance for a Heisman, or even a chance at an SEC or National Championship, his surest opportunity at the next level and to become a millionaire, is now.

Here’s the rub. All things considered, even if he’s drafted in later rounds as opposed to the first round, it’s worth it. In EASY numbers, $Xx million (or whatever) is great, but $x million (or whatever) is far/far/far better than $0.00. Knowing how Lattimore performs, he’ll have the opportunity to work up to the $XXX million the NFL franchises pay premiere running backs.

USC is a better University because of Marcus Lattimore. He’s helped propel the Gamecocks to national prominence, and anyone/everyone involved with USC is ecstatic about the program he’s leaving behind.

In all, Run Marcus, Run. One NFL franchise is about to be exponentially better than it was last year.

Thank you, Marcus Lattimore, for pretty much everything.


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