Gamecock Atmosphere Is Nation’s Best

While I’d love to tap this keyboard about everything that went right this past weekend in Columbia, SC, I fully recognize that readers don’t necessarily need “Deep Thoughts, @ Realtor” with every blog post. That said, I’ll type two fast ones…

1)  Everyone likes an fantastic photograph. They’re the ones that make us look over the entire image, and even the four corners to see if we can find the ‘story’ it’s telling. Of all the pics I’ve seen from the UGA weekend, the two above are my favorites. They may be a little stretched because I’m not a sizing expert, but you get the idea. Scroll up and look around a little. They’re good.

2)  Our friends @ Clemson like to proclaim that their teams entrance is “The most exciting 25 seconds in college football.” It’s not.

Williams-Brice Stadium jumping to “Sandstorm”, combined with the new video on the “Beast Board” and crazy-loud well-smoked “2001”, is probably as good or better than any program or franchise (college or pro) in the country. Mix this cocktail with a 7:00 PM start time, and that pretty much does it. Add the emotion of what happened before the band took the field this weekend… that’s it. Argument over.

Like the trend the University of Oregon set with their uniforms, I fully expect other big-time football schools to step up their pre-game entrances using USC as the standard. To be clear, I haven’t been to too many games outside of Williams-Brice. That said, I’ve been to UGA, UNC, Tennessee, and Clemson (many times) which is an OK snapshot (especially given Clemson claims to be the best). In short, the folks that make “The Show” at Williams-Brice Stadium have produced the flagship atmosphere for all others to emulate.

Don’t get me wrong, Clemson puts on a good show (I’m from Anderson, and grew up a Clemson fan). The bagillion orange balloons, “The Hill,” and the booming cannon can get a Clemson crowd fired up. Even so, it’s just not the same. Sure, I’m biased, but I’m confident I have a good handle on this one. Again, Williams-Brice is as good as it gets.

I’ll bet schools start looking for ways to rival USC’s entrance.  After all, the energy is over the top, and on some level must matter to four and five star recruits.

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