Game Changer Coming This August

We’re On Our Way Now… It’s Daddy Time!

If we’re friends on Facebook, you know that I don’t change my Profile Picture very often. On Friday I had a big time changing it to one of these Ultrasounds pictures. The inquiries immediately started pouring in on the site. When I changed my Status Update to ….”Franklin and Jenna would like to announce to our friends that…,” my Facebook page went crazy.

I want to thank all of my Friends for their comments and support. I had such a good time reading them. As I later commented, “Of the millions of Facebook…my friends are the best”… I meant it.

I know this is a Columbia real estate blog and that some readers don’t know me. Having said this, I couldn’t pass up on posting this news. Our doctors appointment was just such an awesome event that I had to post the pictures.

My wife Jenna is absolutely GIDDY. Thank you for enduring a proud daddy’s moment on 🙂


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