Fun Stuff w/ Mag Cover.

EZHomeCoverBigIn the next day or two you’re likely to see this fun cover around the Midlands. Turns out at the last minute I had an opportunity to take the cover of what has recently become the most visible real estate magazine in our market. I took it.

What makes this unusual from any other advertising I’ve done over the years? No one would have noticed this, but outside of a quick iPhone pic thrown on Facebook or Twitter, after about five years of working together and all the marketing, it’s the first time Amanda and I have been in the same photograph. Sure we have the tailgating tent, Tervis Tumblers, cool JLC stuff, F|A parties, and sponsored Photo Booths & Sno Cone Machines, but there are no pictures.

A couple of years ago when it was announced we were the #5 sales team in North America for the brand, I received an email that read, “Please send a high resolution photo of the two of you.” I answered, “Can it be two separate pics?” Answer, “We would really prefer one if possible.” Of course we put something together quickly, but never used it in Columbia. The only folks that saw it are those who attended the national convention in L.A.

A few Sundays ago photographer, Stacey Quattlebaum, agreed to meet us at a venue for new headshots. After all, new Keller Williams branding means new business cards, new sign riders, and all of that. We had a few mins beforehand to spare, so I told Stacey to pull out her camera and see where it took us. You may or may not know what I’m talking about here, but they are very, ‘Morning Joe and Mika.’  🙂

Why would I take the cover when I hadn’t done it before? Timing. It just seemed like a perfect month to take advantage of an opportunity. It’s a big exposure blast about our transition and introduction to Keller Williams-Downtown, Columbia, a good place to put a cool pic, and it’s springtime, which combined with early summer is when real estate activity is at a premium.

To give more of the backstory, Amanda had no idea about it until I sent her the final proof. I just did it, and it turned out pretty cool, IMO.

Thank you to the folks at for the call, and of course, one of my favorite people in the world, Stacey Quattlebaum. It’s been fun.

Franklin Jones


  1. I am so proud of you! Dad

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