Fun “Reelin’ In The Years!”

What you’re looking at in the video above is combination of dumb@**, competitive nature, and unfortunate timing.

Here’s what’s what. My girls were invited to a birthday party by their sweet and wonderful friend, Olivia Boudreaux. Jen and I woke up Saturday morning and loaded the girls in the minivan and hauled it to a skating rink somewhere near the airport.

Noticing the rink is “just us” (translation: the Boudreaux’s rented the whole place out for the party), I immediately do the logical, once in a 30 year thing. Before Jen and the girls even got their bearings I was trading in my shoes for “12 please.” #Duh!

I went straight to the arcade area to, you know, ‘get it back.’ Translation here: practice on the carpet while no one was looking.

Confidence up, I put my glasses somewhere I’d remember and BOOM, I’m on the floor. I felt Jen, my girls, and some friends looking at me like, “WTH??”

While I won’t do this again for a few years at least, the teenager in the pic is my new skating nemesis. He’s Beau’s nephew and he pushed me to collapse a couple of times and spit gross cottonmouth into the water fountain. I’m blaming my scabbed up knee and new bruised hip on him and his yelling, “You’re cheating!” while he made his way too wide turns around the corners.

You can see him behind me in the video. He was living, and I was living & dying, simultaneously.

Please notice his inline/roller blades while I’m in the same orange wheeled stuff we laced at First Baptist Church and SkateLand in Anderson, SC. I won every lap…. (enter dab emoji here).

The worst of the whole thing is it looks like I completely took out a mom and daughter on the back stretch. What’s really going on is they fell right in front of me as I passed them.

What you don’t see is after I put my finger up as to show victory, I spun around and almost broke my a** bone in front of everyone. My nemesis took my fall and kept going for another lap, which forced me to get up quickly and womp him again.

This all said, I had a great time. I’m not sure my girls, including Jennifer, see me quite the same way but I’m good with it.

Thank you Beau, Dorothy, and Olivia!


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