Fun (& Funny) Christmas Day Pic.

BouncyHouseAs you can tell from the pic my wife snapped, our family had a big time Christmas Day. The twins are still too young to know what’s going on, but had a lot of fun on all of the new and colorful stuff in the house. Of course, Finley had a absolute blast playing with new things and showing them off to two sets of grandparents.

The pic above was taken very early in the day. After Finley checked out some princess dolls we decided to take the bouncy house out of the box and blow it up in the front yard. I have to admit, it’s pretty fun just to lay there while she bounces around. That said, I’m going to come clean about the pic above that hit Facebook Christmas morning.

Apparently, part of the fun of a bouncy house is to turn off the blower and let it deflate completely, collapsing everything.. The fun part is when the blower is turned back on. This, of course, erects the corners and ‘walls’, and lifts everyone two or three feet off the ground. Well, turns out it is pretty entertaining to get raised and lowered off the ground a few times.

All that said, my wife’s pic makes it look like I’m trying to bounce off my back, onto my feet, as you do on a trampoline. Not the case. What’s really going on is I’m on my back, and that’s pretty much it. Why are my feet and hands in the air? In a fleeting moment, I thought perhaps this action would make me lighter, thinking I was helping the blower inflate the bouncy house. After about two seconds I realized that I must look like a complete dumba**. Enter my wife’s camera shot, and here we are.

Merry Christmas!

Franklin Jones

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