Couch To 5K: You Go Girls!

There has been a lot going on and I know I’m running a little behind regarding the blog lately. That said, I need to give a big SHOUT OUT to Tracy Wright, Colleen Guffee, and my wife, Jennifer Sparks Jones.

I don’t pretend to know all the details behind their training regimen, but I’m pretty sure these ladies took part in a hybrid model of the “C25K” program. If you’re not aware, C25K is the short hand version of “Couch To 5 K.” I think they coined themselves as, “Team Sloth,” and use the tagline, “We’ll Get There When We Get There.”

I’ve been impressed with these three. They walked, they jogged, they ran, and all of a sudden they crossed a finish line together in the middle of Devine Street with an official running bib and time. Pretty cool!!!

According to my text messages, Michael Guffee sent me the fun pic above as somewhat of a joke at 5:13 PM on Feb 16. The girls finished the local favorite running event, Get In The Pink, May 13.

If you’re not aware, the Get In The Pink event is the brainchild of our good friend and former owner of Kick’s Exceptional Shoes, Jackie Scott Howie. It has been a fun and popular 5K and 10K run since Jackie started the event in 2009.

Fast forward to a few months ago, what started out as a funny, fleeting thought in someone’s living room turned into a real thing. Colleen, Tracy, and Jennifer stayed disciplined, held each other accountable, and damn if they didn’t finish a real 5K together. I think two of the three shocked themselves, and one was impressed with the other two. In all, this trio worked and pushed each other to a great finish.

On the day of the run, Tracy texted me (per my request) at 6:31AM, “I’m up.” I popped her back with a thumbs up emoji and the screen shot of the event “Get In The Pink” to show her that I was up and on my feet. I ran upstairs to wake Finley up to a groggy, “Daddy, what???…” My response, “C’mon babe, we gotta go see mommy run.”

We made it.

Well done Colleen, Tracy, and Jennifer! It was fun being there with (some of) the kids to watch you finish a 5K (please notice the kids running the last 30ish yards with their moms).

Love y’all!

Franklin Jones

PS: In case you’re wondering, after the race we all had a nice feast at Egg’s Up Grill, threw down a few mimosas, and found naps before we all hit the pool later that afternoon!



  1. It was an awesome day and I was so proud of these 3 young women……but my favorite part was breakfast and mimosas! ❤️

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