Friend Using Shandon Yard As Voice

Good Friend/Neighbor Unhappy w/ SCE&G Rate Hike
My buddy, Forrest Hairston, has decided to use his front yard as a voice against Belinda Gergel’s vote regarding funding Columbia’s transit system with an SCE&G rate hike.

While I don’t pretend to know the details of the measure, I have to applaud Forrest for sounding off. Throughout the years Forrest and I have enjoyed scores of political discussions whereas many times we agree on an issue, while other times we end up in a healthy rant. Nevertheless, good for Forrest for taking his feelings to ‘the street.’

Again, while I don’t know much about the bus service system or how it’s funded, I do know that every couple of years the issue finds it’s way to the local news stations. The last thing I remember hearing about the buses is that SCE&G was going to take care of the transit system if they could ‘have’ Lake Murray. I know this is a gross oversimplification, but it had something to do with a Lake Murray control swap.

I also remember years ago when the sides of buses were used as giant billboards. Remember seeing the giant red Saturn car scooting around town? Like Saturn’s product, I guess the idea didn’t produce the revenue to justify the effort.

I can certainly understand Forrest’s feelings on the matter, as costs seem to escalate everywhere we turn. From the numbers supplied by WACH FOX, Forrest will see an increase of about $96/year. If he only purchased one sign it probably cost between $50 and $100.

Given the math guesstimate, the sign should be worth the $$$ to him by year two. However, if he shifts the debate such that it moves council to look for another way to fund the buses, his savings could be large….and the effort, to him and others, priceless.

If someone would ask him, I’m sure Forrest, in his mind, has a solution to the dilemma. Actually, I’m certain of it, and the word “cut” will be part of the answer.

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