Frank Martin Changed US(C).

I understand that players play, and coaches coach. Distilling it down, the Gamecock’s win over Duke tonight was accomplished by young student-athletes that, within a given time period, entered a ball in a hoop more times than an opponent.

Thaaaaaaat. Saaid. I gotta give some major shout out to a man I’ve never met before. Frank. Damn. Martin.

What in the world just happened???

First of all, lets get this out of the way. How many times have USC and UNC alumni and fans been in an athletic building, at the same time, hoping, loving, praying for the same end result? Ever? Never? Did UNC fans yell? USC!!! USC!!

That is some real Duke hate in one room, just sayin…

Second thought. TV peeps and MSG execs must be shaking their heads right now. What was supposed to be Duke vs Villanova, at Madison Square Garden/New York City, is now South Carolina vs Baylor. #dab

The thoughts above are fun and whatnot, but I gotta give dude his what’s what. I’m proud of Coach Martin.

Coach entered Gamecock Nation in a Spurrier, Dawn Staley world with a baseball program that had been bonkers awesome.

Gamecocks were on a high, and Coach Martin took on a low spot…with a huge opportunity on the other side, and he saw it.

I’m not sayin, I’m just sayin’…while at the closing table I had a glimpse into what was what when Coach Underwood purchased one of my listings. Just putting it out there that Ray Tanner, being a “Coach’s AD,” deserves a pat on the back for bringing Coach Martin and his team to Columbia.

It’s getting late so I need to wrap this up. I’ve never met Coach Martin, but if his eyes ever run across this dang blog I’d like to thank him for what he has delivered to USC. I’m not a basketball expert or anything, but I’m a person who lives in Columbia. He has made it better.

I saw your tears, Coach, and you deserve them. You have changed the culture around here.

Thank you!!!

Franklin Jones

Click the pic above to make it bigger. It’s a good snap…

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