Forest Hills “Creme Puff” Closes…Again

“Flower Box House” and KG Home Get Action
If you’ve traveled on Forest Drive lately, you’ve probably noticed the big red “SOLD” rider on the Coldwell Banker sign at the corner of Forest and Glenwood. This well-known house closed and the signs should be removed any day now.
A few years ago my buddy Wes took a tired house and made something great of it. It’s so nice, actually, that of the thousands of homes that have been on the market in the last 3 years, this home has now closed twice. TWICE…
At the closing, the buyers were reminded that with the purchase of this home, comes the responsiblity of keeping up it’s “flower box” reputation. Whether it was by design or neglect, the Ellison’s installed flower boxes that were overflowing with color. Kathy, the seller in this transaction, kept up this new tradition with pride. As the house across the street is “The Robot House,” the cute khaki one is known as “The Flowerbox House.”
It’s also worth reporting that, as of last week, 14 Somerton is now Under Contract. This is a great house on a social street in King’s Grant and we’re working towards a smooth closing.
It’s fun to report good news, but I’m typing this to illustrate a trend in the Columbia real estate market. In short: if it’s updated nicely, move-in ready, and has a relatively fair price tag, it’s got a good chance of procuring a contract.
Again, of 6,000 or so homes on the market in the Midlands, the fact that this home on the busy corner of Forest Drive and Glenwood Road has closed twice is very telling.
Also discussed at the closing was the term “Creme Puff,” that was used in marketing materials to describe the listing. She said that’s what initially pulled them towards the house. I get made fun of a lot for some of my verbiage, so I loved hearing that! 🙂


  1. Did the house appreciate from the last sale? That's really what everyone wants to know.
    I am a fan of the flower boxes also…always wondered how they're watered. They are really beautiful.

    Hope the new owners keep them.

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