Forest Acres Is Hot Area of The Week

Amanda and I Are Producing In Forest Acres
Real estate sales is a funny industry. Truth told, I’ve been a little confused about the Forest Acres area. For a while, we were really piling up the sales in the area only to see a small lull in the action lately. Not anymore! With Caroline’s house on Oakwood and Cav’s on Wofford leading the way, we’ve caught fire again in Forest Acres and glad of it.
The two brick homes (Pinehill and Peachtree) went Under Contract this weekend and we put an offer on N. Hunters Court earlier tonight. 🙂 To continue with the action, our listing on Sylvan is getting some great action, and we put a cutie on the market today on Harrison Rd.
Some of me hates to report home sales before they ‘close.’ However, as the news media constantly poopoos the market, I think it’s good to report what’s going on in downtown Columbia neighborhoods.
Keep the referrals coming! Forest Acres is hot right now.

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