Forest Acres Home Hits Market & Sells

6012 Satchelford Rd. Gets Contract In One Day

It isn’t mine but this good looking listing is just about perfect for one of my awesome buyers. I’m not sure anyone else even got a chance to go inside. When we saw that it hit the market, we pounced and wrote the offer.

This house has over 1,800 sq. ft with 3 beds and 3 full baths. 3 full baths! The reason for this is that a large master was built onto the back a few years ago. The house lives really well and the new master suite gives great separation from the kids.

I’m not sure it could have worked out any better as the buyer loves that the schools are Satchelford, Crayton and A.C. Flora.

Congratulations to one great family. Now that we found a great house it’s time to get it closed!


  1. Anonymous says

    I don’t know if $116/sq. ft. listing price is going to help anybody much on comps but something selling is a joy.

  2. Anonymous says

    Was it a great house or a great realtor???

  3. Ha! It’s a house that fits perfectly for a particular family. I had some inside scoop and we acted fast on it! 🙂

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