Floating River Condo’s For Sale

What a Great Way to Live and Travel the Country
Below is a description of the new floating city called The Marquette. At present it looks pretty pricey for today’s national economic environment, but it’s a pretty cool concept and I hope it works out for the developer.
Articles around the internet tout that The Marquette will travel 6,000 miles of American waterways. For those that don’t love to vacation at the same beach house every year, this seems like a great alternative. Personally, I could love either one.
In South Carolina, there’s debate about the floating fishing shacks that dot our lakes and rivers. Some people love them and some think it’s not fair that because they don’t sit on actual dirt, they’re immune from property taxes. It makes me wonder if these floating condos are immune as well. Interesting. FJ
The boat will travel the northern waterways in the summer and southern waterways in the winter months. The boat is not age-restricted but it has been most appealing to people age 48 and older, according to Nelson.

At 600 feet long and 108 feet wide, The Marquette will be the largest inland passenger vessel in the world. The vessel will consist of 4 barges tethered together for normal navigation on the river. The boat can be temporarily divided into sections when traveling through locks or narrow sections of waterway. The entire boat is expected to have 180 units with an estimated 350-400 residents at full capacity. All units will have exterior views with balconies and range in size from 528 to 924 square feet.

Buyers can choose from full or partial ownership. Partial owners live aboard the vessel in alternating 4 month periods. For full ownership, prices currently range from $300,000 to $500,000 and annual operating expenses from $13,200 to $23,100. The Marquette will offer a variety of services to its residents including concierge, theater, activity rooms, library, fitness center, pool, walking track and chapel. In addition, shore services such as bus, car and scooter rental will be available at the various stops along the way.

So far, the success of the project remains to be seen. According to Nelson, the vessel is at least two years from launching. Because the entire boat consists of 4 separate barges, the boat can actually launch when 2 of the boats are sold and the remaining 2 will join when they sell out. Construction will not begin until around 80 of the units are sold. At this time, the project is approximately 10 percent sold.


  1. I just want to know if this condo is safe when it comes to disaster like tsunami,Many people will surely thinking about this after the tsunami in japan. thanks!

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  2. Oh' that seems so cool! I can't imagine how to live in a floating condo. Anyway, I want to see it personally, just quite interested.


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