FireFly Vodka Gets Competition

Impostor Sweet Tea Vodka Hits Shelves

White Rock Distilleries, Inc is now producing and distributing their version of the hot selling flavor. The company from Lewiston, Maine has named it, “Sweet Carolina.” I wonder if they even sell regular Sweet Tea up there. Hmmm…. Guess it doesn’t matter.

We’ll see if they can contend, or if FireFly can remain THE sweet tea vodka. I’m gonna predict that even though FireFly has been “liquid gold” for many restaurants and liquor stores, it’s only a matter of time before one of the big boys (Smirnoff) puts a blend together. When/if this happens, they’ll have it on every shelf in the world, in a matter of days.

We’ll see if FireFly got their brand out fast enough, or had enough time for it to develop in the mind of the consumer. I just don’t know if it’s enjoyed enough market time (perhaps like Red Bull), to fend off copycats.
I’ve tried the “first to market” thing, too. When we were making mailbox flags, we were in a frantic push to be the first to market. There’s no telling how far we could have taken the product. We didn’t make zillions of dollars or anything, but it was fun to take a new invention/design to market. However, when Jenna and I decided I should get into real estate, I never looked back.

Nevertheless, FireFly has done a great job. They turned a new flavor, into a phenomenon.

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