Finley Sparks Jones Turned One Year

Keeping First Birthday Simple Was A Great Decision
Last week my sweet baby girl had her very first birthday. As most of you have already experienced, it’s a surreal feeling that a year has already passed since we were in the delivery room.
Some folks like to have 1st birthday ‘blow outs,’ but my wife decided to keep everything very simple. Thank goodness!
We had a great time with some family and a few friends. As to be expected, I think Jen enjoyed the day as much as Finley did.
As you can see from the 3rd pic, Ginny and Townes were hard at work assembling Finley’s new pink car. It’s pretty obvious that they thought if they don’t put it together that day, then it would be a week or so before Finley is able to ride around in her new gift. Thanks, girls !!!!!!!!!!! She loves it!!! 🙂
Unreal to think I have a one year old. I love her more everyday.

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