Sweet Girl & Me – The Good Stuff!

FInleySkateWhat you see above is a fun and fuzzy photo of a little girl and her daddy on roller skates. What you’re really looking at is 16 wheels hauling a perfect angel and a dumbass.

A day or so ago Jennifer, Finley, and I were happy and excited to be part of a sweet Birthday Party hosted by twins, Lyla and Madden George. It was awesome!

As I stood on the carpeted floor surrounding the rink, I wondered, “Should I do this?”

Approximately 20 minutes before the party was over, Finley Jones had me lean down an inch from her face – “Daddy, will you make me skate by myself?” Translation; “Will you help me skate without this (PVC) triangle training wheel thing?” You know what’s next; Oh yes. I’m lacing up!

Did we look like a wobbly newborn deer? I think so! Did we care? No!

A good time was had by all, and I thought it was a fun and silly moment to share. Truth told, if I had fallen and broken my arm or leg, Jennifer Sparks Jones would have strung my a$$ up with some rented roller skate laces. 

Being a dad is the best!

Franklin Jones

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