Finally Made It To The Beach; @Litchfield

Litchfield3Other than a weekend with Amanda’s family last year, it’s been over two years since Jennifer, Finley, and I have had a week long family vacation. Pretty sad considering we only live a couple of hours from the beach! Isn’t that one of the best things about Columbia, SC? We need to do better, big time.

Now that we’re at Litchfield I’m going to try my best to “get into” vacation. I’m going to try to relax, decompress and do whatever else to lose myself a little and have fun. Shoot, I may lay on a float and let the ocean soak/exfoliate my dumb a&& for a few mins. Haha.

Relaxation sounds great but if you know me or read this blog often, you know I’ll be chasing a three year old around the beach while Jennifer hangs out with twins hanging out on her pelvis. Forget floating around; I know family vacation is all about the kids, and love it.

As you know I can never fully separate from the job. I’m a little embarrassed about it, but it’s 2:55AM and I’m sitting here returning emails and blogging in the dark. This is a little sad too, but with ESPN in the background I can honestly type that I’ve watched/heard about LeBron’s shot block no less than 30 times. Oh well, that’s just the way I operate. That said, if you need anything ‘real estate,’ please don’t hesitate to call 803-758-1669 or email , , , or  I may be at the beach, but the team is still getting it done in the Capital City.

I’ll post more as the week moves along, or if anything awesome hits the Columbia real estate market.

Thank you!



  1. Franklin – I hope you are having a wonderful time!

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