Thank You Friends, For Filling This Truck!

Loading the TruckLast Tuesday night Amanda shot me a text asking if I thought it would be a good idea to get involved with a local Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort. Of course, given it was election night, I was glued to the TV (election night is kind of a Super Bowl for me), the query took me by surprise. Things were quickly cleared up, however, as she directed me to a Facebook Post by John Adams.

The short of it is that John Adams and Charles Pulliam wanted to fill up a big truck with needed goods/supplies, and drive it to the victims of hurricane Sandy in the New York-New Jersey area. First off, however, was the business of providing the truck itself.

As America’s time zones slid hour by hour to 7:00PM, and the electoral map turned red and blue, Amanda and I were texting logistics. By 10ish, we committed to funding the truck and gas┬áso John and Charles could get started ASAP.

The U-Haul truck has been on Forest Drive (across from 42 Magnolia/Shandon Baptist Church) since Thursday morning, and John and Charles are scheduled to drive it to the displaced hurricane victims early Friday morning.

A special thanks to groups from local high schools, USC, and members of The Junior League of Columbia for helping folks load and organize contents of the truck. This has been a quick but successful endeavor of caring Midlands residents attempting to make a difference.

The effort was mentioned in The State Newspaper, WIS TV did a piece on tonight’s newscast, and it’s all over local Facebook pages. Hopefully, this will be enough to get a pile of much needed goods to our fellow Americans in unthinkable pain.

Amanda and I are so happy for the opportunity and ability to pay for the truck itself. Obviously, this is an unplanned project/expense for our little real estate practice. However, “Frankenstorm” was unplanned, too. That said, we’re proud to be part of a friend’s effort to make a difference.

Side Note: On the night when the country was winding up a nasty and divisive political cycle, a few local Columbia folks were trying to do something good. None of the players in this project asked about one another’s party affiliation, and no one cares how any victim voted (if they were able to at all). Pretty cool!

Thank you!


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