Federer’s Best Chance = Legacy Waiting

Nadal’s Historic Loss at French Opens Major Door

I didn’t even get a chance to watch the first serve before I knew what happened at the French Open today. The TM’s rolled in while Facebook/Twitter updates told the world of Nadal’s fate. In case you haven’t heard, Nadal lost in 4 sets to Robin Soderling.

It would’ve been great to see Nadal win a record 5th straight French Open. It would’ve been awesome to watch another Nadal / Federer final in a tennis major. Having said this, it’s going to be even more fun to see if Roger Federer can solidify his claim to the label of “Best Ever.”

Should Federer win the French Open, his claim to “Best Ever” may have an asterisk beside it. The asterisk will probably be a picture of Nadal’s face. We’ll see…

Nevertheless, the historic loss of Nadal today combined with a loss by a very hot Djokovic, clears the path for Roger Federer to take his first French Open trophy.

There’s drama in France. Roger Federer needs to play his complete ass off. His legacy is waiting for him…

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