“Famously Hot” Columbia, Tries Again

Finally, We Are Superlative At Something.

I know Columbia has a hard time branding itself. I’ve actually tried to come up with something clever myself (w/ the heat being my #1 subject). For a while, I thought Columbia needed to “name itself,” to create its brand (Charlotte = The Queen City). The new slogan, and logo come very close to this. I wish the font was bolder, but I actually like what they’ve done with the logo.

Further, “Famously Hot,” has some sort of superlative flair to it. The slogan may stick this time, but I’m not sure it will recruit anyone to visit Columbia. >>Go to http://www.famouslyhot.com/ to view the new website.

From the article in The State, it seems like Columbia wants to bring conventions here, and fill hotel rooms. In my mind, two things will need to happen before we can accomplish Columbia’s goals.

1) Conventions; Get on the phone. Our people need to work the phones, cut deals with cities and groups, and ask organizations to have their conventions in the midlands.

2) Fill Hotel Rooms; Get the Gamecocks consistently in the Top 10, in football and/or basketball. Nothing will fill hotel rooms faster, than a great SEC major sports program. The Gamecocks are Columbia’s quickest route (if we can do it), to the national map.

Don’t get me wrong. The effort is fine, and the new slogan is far better than, “Where Friendliness Flows”. I’m just not sure that continuously presenting Columbia as a destination city, is the thing to do. I’m just not sure it’s who we are…

Below are some of the ads that will appear in print, with puns galore. The T.V. ad is actually upbeat. I’m not sure that it will recruit companies and organizations to visit, but the music and flashing pictures are pretty upbeat. FJ

‘Make your gathering sizzle’
Wording from one of Columbia’s “Famously Hot” ads that will appear in travel industry journals

Go ahead, put our feet to the fire. We’re hot but never bothered.

Our city and the Columbia Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau are ready and eager for any challenge. We’ve got a well-placed Convention Center in this historic state capital that simmers with cool river-edged scenery, open-air restaurants, live music, sports and concerts.

Or if you’re looking for something different, we’ve got plenty of other venues — from the high-tech and mod, to perfect postcard locations of columned mansions and sprawling oak trees.

Hungry? Cuisine here ranges from grits to gourmet. (Actually, in the kitchens of some of our hottest chefs, grits are gourmet.)

Columbia’s heat is legendary. If your event has been singed by false promises and poor service, look no further. Our mix of Southern hospitality and fiery dedication will make your gathering sizzle.


  1. I say WTF! to this new slogan. I mean seriously? What?? Good lord…

  2. Fed Up With The Idiocy and Irresponsibility says

    Seriously? Famously Hot? Whoever decided it was a good idea to pay someone to come up with yet another bad label for this city and whoever approved “Famously Hot” need to be taken out in the front yard and shot!

    The “powers that be” in this city need to have their heads examined. More of our tax dollars are wasted and misappropriated than are spent responsibly. Some examples: (1) the road and other construction debacles of the past fifteen years (2) the ridiculous number of condos approved to be built downtown (3) paying city empolyees who are admin assistants $100K+ … and I could go on and on.

    Seriously …

  3. i heard we are paying Paris Hilton to do a commericial for us.

  4. p’shaw to the naysayers…I really like this slogan. It’s not overly corney, and it implies that we have some decent nightlife and good venues here in Colatown, so what’s not to like? Some people are so negative…maybe they’d like “it’s hot here, we hate everything, so stay away”

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