Family 4 Square Fun!

During “winter break” my girls and I took a good long walk around our neighborhood. We took a basketball with us and passed it around as we strolled along “the loop.” At one point we ended up in a square for a few hundred feet and it popped in my head, “Hey why don’t we make a foursquare court in the cul-de-sac?” They thought it was a great idea.

It was around 5ish, so it didn’t happen.

Fast forward to school starting back and it wasn’t until Saturday 1/11 that it popped in my head, and I said, “Girls, what about our foursquare?”


I googled the dimensions (16′ x 16′) and the girls went for the tape measure and chalk.

We headed for the street.

Imma tell you what right now Jennifer, Finley, Ivey, Nora, and I have had the best damn time playing foursquare on Saturday. I’d say we played around two hours with much of it being in the rain.

Since it rained Saturday afternoon, our court was washed away which sent us straight to Michael’s after church (& lunch out Groucho’s) to buy “spray can chalk.” We were back in the street for a great afternoon together.

If you can’t make it out from the pics, we played the “Royal” method. King, Queen, Joker, Trash, & the line.

I have to say, we all have our own styles of foursquare play w/in our fam. That said, my three darlings are also competitive little smack talkers to one another. Check out the body language and facial expressions in the 2nd pic above.

I don’t want to oversell it, but if you’d like a good idea/activity that doesn’t cost a ton and can be fun for all athletic levels of your family (notice Liz Black above haha.), 4 Square is a ticket. One of the reasons for this is because even the lowest level player can easily be King or Queen, even if just for a round or two.

I can’t tell you the amount of laughs we had this weekend, on two misty days.

Pro Tip: For the kids, constructing the foursquare court is almost as entertaining and fun as playing the game.  🙂

Pro Tip #2: It is a humbling and a little humiliating when a six-year-old puts you in the trash, a lot!

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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