F|A = Fun Branding Op For The Team!!

Tonight was a fun on all sorts of levels! First, my wife, Jennifer Sparks Jones, had the honor and pleasure of walking the runway at Girls Night Out @ 701 Whaley St. As I understand it, the benificiary of GNO is EdVenture, and is made possible by Coplan’s, among others. Shout Out to Shannon Pooser/Chris Carrington, and their staff (Becky Craven, Erin Cacioppo, et al) for what apparently turned out to be a good night. From the text messages I received, Jennifer did a great job, and looked GORGEOUS (hot) while she did her thing.

Second, since Jennifer was strolling down a catwalk, I was able to have a awesomely awesome daddy date with Finley. My girl and I went to Cantina 76, ate a bunch of chips, slathered chicken fingers with ketchup, split a Shirley Temple, and “Eskimo kissed” each other 50 times.

Third FUN, is the pic above. Since tonight was a “GNO Fashion Show,” I especially wanted to co-brand Amanda in some sort of marketing. In my mind, this seemed to be a perfect fit as, well, she is who she is, and very much has the whole fashion thing nicely covered. That said, I thought up this quick design that mimics the “AX” logo of Armani Exchange. Mark Pointer helped me shape it up, and BOOM! Within a few days, the pic above was on a black T-Shirt for the ladies to grab from their fashion show swag bags.

There may or may not have been a little bag drama at GNO, as I heard some (perhaps a lot?) of the shirts were swiped or omitted from the bags. I’m not sure what happened, but I had a big time from afar, and it seems as though a good time was had by all.

To add to this awesome Thursday, Finley secured a place at EPC Day School. WooOHooO! This in itself deserves a blog post in the coming days, for sure.

Congrats to Jennifer, Amanda, Finley, and GNO.

Getting back to the logo pic above… I’m not sure if we’ll use it in the future, but it surely was a fun branding piece to share with Amanda at this particularly fun venue. FJ


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    Isn't it about time for another Hotsheet? It's been nearly a month.

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