Everyone Loves Daylight Savings Time

Rib Eyes, Long Naps and Daylight Savings Time
I love things like my job, Starbucks Coffee and two set tennis matches in 100 degree heat. Also at the top of the list are huge rib eye steaks (medium rare), long naps with no responsibilities afterwards (rare these days) and the day when the sun stays up longer in the day.

Daylight savings time is kind of a big deal. First, it allows more time to devote to selling real estate. Second, it’s the trigger day for losing weight. It’s sort of like a holiday that springs more opportunity for daily exercise. Everyone seems to gain weight in the winter and for me, this is the unofficial end of it.

On a larger scale I argue that daylight savings time is good for national commerce and safety. From golf courses to insurance agencies, having more daylight is good for business. If you think about it, who really wants to pay their auto insurance in the dark. As for safety, having more daylight is a no brainer.

I actually tried to get a candidate for the U.S. Senate to insert a daylight savings extension as a plank to their campaign platform. My recommendation has since come to fruition via another mechanism.

Either way, daylight savings time is here and I welcome it with open arms. Now I can get on the weight loss thing without excuse and now don’t have to show houses in the dark for a while. In short, it’s awesome!

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