Err’one Loves Snow!!…Until They Don’t.

FinleySnow2014If you live in Columbia, SC Wednesday was, for better or worse, “special.” On one hand we had the awesome experience of hanging out with our kids in a powdery white world we rarely get to see. On the other hand, we had the ‘Get me the crap out of here…I’ve got stuff to do’ experience of being cooped up in our living rooms with no where to go. If we’re all honest, I think we all lived both, with the former illustration trumping the latter (hopefully).

Now that I’ve typed the first paragraph, here’s the last two homebound days in a nutshell; Like all kids, our four year old was about to bust to see the snow. “Where’s the snow, daddy?” “You said it was supposed to snow, daddy.” “Quinny’s mommy said it was supposed to snow.” “My friends think it’s going to snow.” Then, just before bedtime on Tuesday night, the sky dropped flakes that would make Rudolph happy. Of course our girl went nuts as we opened the windows and caught as much snow as we could on our tongues (maybe 1, by the way). The buildup to Wednesday morning was unbelievable. Even I was excited.

Fast forward to about 10AM Wednesday morning and Finley looked like she stepped out of a winter edition magazine cover. #CutestThingEver As we held hands and walked down the front steps, we were greeted by one of her friends that was ready to play in the white stuff. About two minutes went by and the two cuties were making snow angels in the front yard. Then…BOOM. After all that hype, Finley got some snow down her britches that of course hit her overly sensitive pink buttock. Oh my goodness that was it! I mean, if you could have seen it you would have thought a princess’s ass was on fire. Of course this instantly concluded playing in the great snowstorm of 2014, and within minutes she was in her room changing duds. What ensemble did she grace us with, you may ask? – A pink leotard that fit like a Smedium on a person that needs a Large, Matilda-Jane skirt, and flip-flops with straps on the back. Um…Confuse me?

After a few hours passed we ended up walking a few laps around the neighborhood, and she later had a fun play date (indoors, of course).

Oh well, I’m just chalking it up as funny and a good story. If you saw our pics on Facebook you saw we had a big time together!

This all said, I loved hanging with my girls these last two days but my car will dang sure be at a listing appointment, hanging a sign rider, or parked at CB-Midtown on Thursday.

Oh yeah…The twins were pretty good today!

Thank you!


PS: Ugh for Atlanta. 😐

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