Elizabeth Tackles ‘Winter Whites’

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An impressive friend of mine and fellow blogger took it upon herself to tackle the age old question regarding wearing ‘whites’ after Labor Day. If you grew up in the South, you know that the quick and traditional answer is, “absolutely not.” Welcome to 2010.

Elizabeth refers to Emily Post for a good answer. Apparently, Ms. Post gave an inconclusive and less than declarative answer.

My quick answer is that it depends on the material you’re wearing and your confidence level. No doubt, I don’t expect to see many of my buds sporting seersucker suits, but I’m not surprised one bit to see some of my friends wearing white this winter. Actually, one of my good friends has a pretty cool white wool suit. When I raised my eyebrows at Starbucks one day he simply said, “winter whites.” Not bad.

Anyway, I liked Elizabeth’s post and thought it deserved a shout out. It’s only a matter of time before Southern folks see more whites after Labor Day.

All this said, I probably won’t be sporting a seersucker suit this winter. A good pair of oatmeal khakis is most likely my 2010 max.

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