Dropped Everything For 8 Hours.

Continuing educationWhile we’ve been super busy the last couple of days I can’t help but enter the borders of WhoCaresville. What? Here’s the rub: Since Sunday afternoon I’ve had to immerse myself into a computer screen as, no matter what, I complete my eight hours of Continuing Education.

As a real estate licensee in South Carolina (not to be confused with being a “Realtor”), we’re required to perform eight hours of continuing education, biennially. I’m happy to adhere to what needs to happen and LOVE to learn wherever I can, but have to admit…this is a gigantic, legislatively enforced, pain. That said, I had to drop everything to make dang sure I don’t harm or negatively exopose our clients or the team as the midnight June 30 date was fast approaching.

Inconvenience notwithstanding, all quizzes are completed and all LLR fees are paid. Now I can get my face out of a timed course and actually act in the best interest of our clients, which the forced courses take away from, ironically. Funny how that works.

Back to the day to day!


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