Drove Around The Block Three Times

Shandon Corner Sporting Some Digital Yard Art
Many of you will recognize this house. 2737 Blossom St. sits on the well traveled corner of Blossom & Maple St., in Shandon. For about two months, the sign in the yard advertised a nice red, “Sale Pending” sign. Thankfully, it closed last week.

As I drove by today I noticed some work was being done. No doubt, it needed a new roof. However, after a closer look, I noticed a new addition to the front of the house. YIKES. I thought to myself, “No… Way.”

I don’t know if the new owner is a big time Internet “Gamer” or looking for E.T., but I’m pretty sure the large gray disks on the front facade won’t be there long. I’m actually a little surprised that the installer didn’t refuse the placement request.

Congrats to the new owners of 2737 Blossom St. Living on that corner will be fun and ultra convenient to everything.


  1. The FCC gives tenants the “right” to have digital tv vs. cable and the owner of the property must allow it. We just had some tenants place a much larger dish on a pole in the front yard of a victorian house only feet from the road. If you say no, they'll charge the tenant or owner $400 to cancel the contract they've signed so carelessly.

    IT's not the installer–it's cheap ass owners who don't care what “visual pollution” is nor an awareness of neighborhood. Those dishes have to be located in a clear spot and guess what, they never take the equipment out of the yard. That's permanent.

    In West Columbia there is an ordinance that the thing can't be erected in the front yard. They're supposed to place it in an unobtrusive side or backyard location. I say the owner had the call on this. We all (especially realtors) need to know what the ordinances are in Shandon and complain like hell to get those things removed.

    When you sell a house in Shandon for $120 a square foot….that's what you get. Too bad…that WAS a nice house.

  2. sorry, when something sells for $105/sq. ft. in Shandon what does one expect regarding satellite dish location?

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