Drew Opens “Eggs Up!” – Lexington, SC.

EggsUpHatchedCongratulations to my friend and client, Drew Hampton. Drew has just launched Eggs Up Grill in Lexington, SC.!

Drew’s obsession to customer service combined with the Eggs Up quality and brand is sure to make this a hit. While I know this is a good thing for the Eggs Up franchise, and Drew, the real winner here is Lexington, SC. I can say (and type) first hand, Eggs Up has become a place to be in Downtown Columbia, SC. It’s good food and a fun atmosphere.

The Eggs Up franchise story began in Pawley’s Island, by Chris and his wife Pat SkodrasĀ in 1986. If you’ve ever been to Pawley’s or Litchfield, I’m sure you’re familiar. Eggs Up is now 14 franchise stores strong, and to borrow a line from the website, “Now, they have the time to live each and every day sunny side up.” Pretty cool story.

Congratulations to Eggs Up, Lexington, and Drew and his family. This will be awesome for all involved.

Franklin Jones

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