Donald Trump…Master of Borrowing

If you pay attention to politics or current events, you’re sure to have seen Donald Trump on your TV lately. Apparently, he’s thinking of running for President, and trying really hard to find the current President’s birth certificate.

While most Bloggers and Tweeters type about the whole birth certificate thing, I think there’s a more interesting, but bigger point to be made about Mr. Trump. Actually, it may not be “bigger,” rather almost too painfully obvious, that the Morning Joe’s of the media world have failed to mention…yet.

Donald Trump may be the perfect microcosm of why our country is in its current financial situation. A few thoughts;
1)Donald Trump thought bigger than his means. Early on, when lenders visited a potential building site, Trump would fake activity by hiring tractors and trucks to present the illusion of a busy/successful project. In reality, the machines were simply pushing dirt from one point of the property to the other.

2) Trump is about leverage. Not just leverage, but leveraging to the absolute hilt. He borrowed and used other peoples money to grow and expand exponentially. He was so successful at it, that it’s a perfect intro to the next point.

3) Trump is/was too big for the banks to let him fail. He owed soooo much money, that it was in the banks best interest to prop him up further & further, so he/they could ‘invest’ their way to prosperity. Sound familiar?

To be clear, I’m not jumping on Donald Trump. In fact, in high school, I was all about him and read most of his book, “The Art of The Deal.” Tidbit: There’s a reason he wears his hair like that. He feels baldness gives a presentation of weakness (I think it his father instilled this in him). The result of this thinking, is his famous airy comb over. Yay, for us.

Anyway, Donald Trump has done a ton of good and created some amazing properties, including his own brand. That said, if he’s really running for President, his tactics of over leveraging probably won’t resonate with his perceived voting block.

In short, his “base” is the group that’s yelling most about borrowing too much, ‘too big to fail’, and “…how we got here.” In short, much of what we’re presently experiencing financially, is Donald Trump personified: Borrow Infinitely, Until It Works.


  1. The only sure thing about luck is that it will change.

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