Demand Still > Supply @ King’s Grant

While I wanted to write about the Gamecock experience this weekend and what this football team has done to the energy level in Columbia, S.C., I kinda need to take advantage of the timing of some new listings as it relates to my last post.  That said, Thursday night I typed about the low number of homes currently for sale in King’s Grant.  Since then, three more homes entered the marketplace.

The houses are located on Airy Hall, Foot Point, and Mackay’s Point (pictured above).  Prices are $495ish, $599ish, and $650,000, respectively.

Call or email or if you’d like some details.

Thank you for letting the post below to linger another day!

Side note:  Wow.  Just WOW, to the USC Gamecocks.  There are athletes, and there are premiere athletes.  Then, there’s our Jadeveon Clowney.  #7 is just awesome.

Thank you!  FJ

Given all the inventory in the real estate market, nationally and locally, it feels a little odd to type about a neighborhood that can’t keep up with demand. Enter King’s Grant…

Like every neighborhood during the real estate boom, King’s Grant went haywire.  When the lull hit, however, King’s Grant sported 18 active listings.  Ugh.  While I obviously still “believed” in the neighborhood, the active listing count had me a little worried.

Fast forward to today: King’s Grant is effectively “Sold Out.”  With the exception of one, everything in the$400’s, $500’s, and $600’s is Under Contract.  Two homes in the $700’s are Under Contract, and one just closed for $915,000. Wow…

The action in King’s Grant is hard to explain.  Is its success due to, “buzz?”  Is the fact that KG feeds into popular Brennen Elementary that strong?  Could it be the fact that it’s the only downtown neighborhood with a human at the security gate?  In my guesstimation, it’s a heterogeneous cocktail of all the above.

The reason for this post is to make known King’s Grant is hot. While the sales prices aren’t bringing what they did during the boom, inventory is definitely moving.

This all said, I know of two homes that are about to hit the market in KG and a few others that would consider selling.  If you or anyone you know is interested in this neighborhood, please email or .  Futher, please contact us if you’re aware of anyone in King’s Grant interested in selling their home or lot, as we may have a buyer “fit.”

Thank you!


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