“Dear Media: No More Negative Spins!”

This is an email I received from a state house operative. His thoughts mirror mine, in regards to The State’s headlines attempt to sensationalize a condition in order to sell a few papers. My thoughts immediatley follow Nick’s in the Post directly below. FJ

Dear Franklin,

In an attempt to shock its readers into buying newspapers, editors at The State Newspaper fabricated a sensational headline. Wednesday’s readers saw “Home sales plunge” stretched across the front page above the fold.

However, immediately below the banner, the article explains, “sellers appear to be holding out for the asking price they want . . . prices rose close to 6 percent . . . for the year, however, the slide pushed Columbia’s market slightly below sales in 2006.”

If that isn’t enough to prove sensationalism, another article titled “Housing stable in Columbia area” appeared in the paper on THE SAME DAY! Its time for our news media to stop creating stories where there are none. Its time to stop running alarmist headlines that ‘shock and awe’ readers but are not supported by facts.

We all know the facts behind this so-called “Housing Slump.” After years of booming sales, markets across the country are correcting. Each local market is correcting in its own way.

SC REALTORS┬« is developing a response to The State’s most recent sales tactics. We’re urging REALTORS┬« across the state to contact the editor of your local newspaper and explain what’s really happening in your hometown.

Nick Kremydas, CEO

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