A Fun Time For A Good Cause.

GolfTuesday we had a fine time on the golf course for a good cause.

A few weeks ago Amanda received an email from Erin Zeman about a local upcoming golf tournament. Hmmm. As many of you know, it’s rare that we get pulled off of our daily real estate work. That said, after reading that the tournament was in “Jake’s memory, in which the proceeds will go to Jack’s College Fund.”

Enough read. In.

The pic above is Thomas Shumpert, Amanda Payne, Becky Craven, and a rogue golfer. As you can tell by the smiles, a good time was had by all. In case you’re wondering how we all ended up together, this is actually our third round of golf as a group. A couple of years ago Becky invited the three of us to her annual Kiwanis Club Golf Tournament at Woodcreek Farms (now named The Bill LaMotte Memorial, respectively). Here we are today. 🙂

I feel like we’ve improved since the first time we all played together. Golf skills notwithstanding, however, we went another route to look like stupes. “What?”… you may ask? Well, we played the wrong course, damn’t. Turns out we shot drives down six or seven holes that weren’t part of the tournament. Hmmm. If you know Cobblestone (The University Club), there are three 9-hole courses. Well, somehow we managed to play a few holes of the Gold Course, then four or five of the Black Course, and eight of the Garnet before saying “We are dumba**es. Let’s hit the house.” So, we’re not sure if we played 16, 17, 18, or 19 holes.

We knew we had a problem when the card info wasn’t matching the info on the tee boxes. Well, we kept telling Becky, “Who cares???!” As we approached the clubhouse we started to worry. Think of it. What if we had a bunch of “3s” on Par 4 and 5s? No biggie? Well, enter our cruddy and astronomical handicaps we turned in?  Ruh roh….

Our ride showed up before they posted the winners so we’re not sure how it all shook out. That said, if we even came close, I just came clean.

In all it was a stellar event. I had no idea what to expect but was impressed BIG TIME as we drove up and took our carts. This was a well-run event, and by the look and vibe of the day it seemed to have raised a lot of money.

Well done to the organizers and to all the players. I didn’t know Jake, but I know his wife’s loss. I was proud to be there to support his widow, their son, and Amanda’s friend. I was impressed. The words below were on the attachment of the email. I love the language, and where the proceeds are going. It’s awesome.

All net proceeds will go to the Jack Zeman College Fund
The college fund was established for Jake’s three year old son, Jack. We do not yet know the memories Jack will keep of his father, but through your generosity, Jack will know his father’s heart and that he was well loved.

Thank you, Erin, for having us.


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