Daddy/Daughter Night With My Girl

As Jennifer took a mini vacation to Greenville, SC, with her mom tonight, Finley and I found ourselves on a daddy/daughter night. While we miss Mommy terribly, Finley and I had fun breaking the regularly scheduled program.

After scooping Finley up from school, we went straight to preview the house on Woodland Drive that was reduced to $399,000 today. I needed to go in, and glad we did, because now Finley and I know this particular house isn’t a good fit for our buyer clients.

After the house preview, we cruised around the corner to Heathwood Park. Living in Shandon, we usually rotate between the three parks that surround the house (Emily-Douglas, Sims, and Hollywood/Rose Hill). I thought she’d like a new scene, which we both enjoyed. We found ourselves among folks we’ve never met before, which was fun to watch.

After some swinging, and saying “Hold On Tight!” at the top of a sliding board, we went straight to Casa Linda for a little Mexican cuisine. Finley’s favorite item by far is the salsa.

Realizing I was operating on borrowed time, we scampered home, only to find ourselves wading in a baby pool full of rain water.

After a little Barney… BOOM. Nite, nite time.

I had a fantastic daddy/daughter night with my girl, and I think she enjoyed it, too. I’m already anxious for what tomorrow morning brings. Her first word will prolly be, “Mommy?” 🙂

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