Dad Represents Buyer in Big Mall Deal

A Good Days Work as Dad Sells Richland Fashion Mall
I didn’t read The State Newspaper today but I knew Richland Mall had sold before 9:00AM. Friends were TXT’ing and calling this morning wondering if the buyers agent in the transaction was, “your dad.” I reported that I knew something was going on but not sure about the details. Great job! Anytime a salesperson can ‘pop’ a mall it has to be a good day.
If you remember, it was only a few years ago Richland Mall tried it’s best to re brand itself as ‘Midtown at Forest Acres.’ The name never stuck as my friends and I still know it as Richland Fashion Mall.
The large retail space is actually better known for its unique or negative features. The dominant parking garage is something local folks don’t want to have to deal with and the fact that shoppers are forced to travel through a Belks store to get anywhere creates a lot of head shaking. Today much of the building serves as the local indoor walking track.
The best idea I could think of was for Richland County to purchase it and lease the unused space to other governments. The DMV, City of Forest Acres, Richland County and different segments of state government could call the space home. I thought it was a good fit because all of the government vehicles could be parked (protected) in the garage.
Another creative possibility was to move a great gym into the old Dillard’s side (Black Lion). Big space, good parking, etc. Of course this was a fleeting thought before Gold’s Gym landed its spaceship on Forest Drive.
Congrats to dad and the buyers. On the surface it looks like they got quite a deal!


  1. Thanks Franklin for the kind words, we feel like the dog chasing the truck and finally caught it, now what to do with this piece of demographically perfect real estate. We are working with national tenants and shopping center gurus to come up with the perfect plan for this great piece of real estate..We would appreciate any ideas that your group of savy kids of us baby boomers, may have to bring you and our grand children back to Richland Mall.. Your generation is the future of this great city.

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