Crazy Busy Week @ Jones Household!

TwinBraceletsFinleyBirthday4To say the blog has taken a back seat this week is somewhat of an understatement. That said, I’m going to have to keep this post short, too. After all, I’m about to fall asleep in the chair that I’m typing from with a rerun of Duck Dynasty in the background.

I probably shouldn’t type too much, but after 5/6 weeks of bed rest with expected twins, we¬†can report we’ve been camped out at Palmetto Baptist Hospital since Monday (for a good and happy reason). Throw in that our sweet girl, Finley, celebrated her 4th birthday today. Realtor duties notwithstanding, what I’m getting at is that we kinda have a lot going on and if something needs to be neglected I reckon it should be the blog.

Stay tuned for happy updates!

Thank you!


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