Couple Of Hours On The Tennis Court.

Ever since our twins have been old enough for me to take them to our neighborhood playground (without Jennifer having to be there), I’ve started playing tennis again.

The graphic above is one of my tennis opponent’s stats according to the watch he wore during our latest outing. I don’t know if the same watch or other device was on my person would read the same, but nevertheless, I thought it was interesting.

That all said, I look forward to the rest of this year’s spring and the 100-degree summer around the corner. It will be interesting to watch what happens to my weight and heart rate if the above is my tennis match norm.

I’m making fun of myself a little as my neighborhood F3 friends will be 50-75 yards from my front door in less than two hours (5:30AM), and their watches and fitbits will probably blow the numbers in the image above out of the water.

That all said, if any of my blog readers would like to slap a tennis ball around a court and sweat a little (a lot), I’m game! Text me at 803-447-8683!

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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