Conspiracy Theory; 13ish Years Later

Tanneyhill Only One Cuffed; I Was There…

USC Trustee: Campus Cops Targeted Athletes
“One of the longest-serving and most influential members of USC’s board of trustees believes Gamecocks athletes have been targeted by the university’s police force.

Eddie Floyd, a Florence surgeon who has served on the board since 1982, said several months ago he was told that some campus police officers were overzealous in their investigations and arrests of athletes”. The State Newspaper

I don’t know if Dr. Floyd is on to something, or not. I can tell you from first hand knowledge though, that something fishy seemed to be going on around 15 years ago.

Around ’94-’95, there was a HUGE party at what we called “the soccer house,” on Green St. There were tons of people there, and the front yard was flooded with drinkers. I was a little worried about the spill over crowd, because three of the soccer players were Sig Eps, and I was president.

Nevertheless, I happened to be sitting next to USC quarterback, Steve Tanneyhill. He hadn’t been there 5 minutes, and had just gotten his first beer. Within 1 minute of Steve taking a seat, I noticed something going on outside the front door.

When I noticed that it was the police, I leaned over (said, “Steve”) and nudged him. I put my cup on the table beside me, and he put his on the floor. The moment the uniformed fellow squeezed between everyone blocking the door, he pointed directly at us (Tanneyhill). He didn’t even LOOK at anyone else. I mean, it was a laser towards the guy. They stormed right up to us (I was scared to death), and told Tanneyhill to get up. They cuffed him, and left. I followed them out, and watched the front yard start booing the situation.

Those officers could have arrested anyone on the premises. It would’ve been like fishing in a keg. Nevertheless, they chose not to ask for anyone else’s I.D.

I’m sure everyone has experienced events, that’s left them scratching their heads. For me, this is one of them. Tanneyhill seemed to get a raw deal that night, just because he was a (the) high profile USC player.


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    Taneyhill has one N.

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