Congrats to the Womens Soccer Team

When in school at Carolina I remember people speaking about the women’s soccer team as a start up venture. Some folks even referred to the program as a step above an intramural league. Obviously, this wasn’t a huge a huge concern as anyone would expect a new program to experience a slow start. Oh how far we’ve come!
Congratulations to Shelley and Jamie Smith! The coaches of the women’s soccer team have vaulted the team into the nations elite and brought home a conference championship.
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the Smith’s rather well and I can report that they’re some of the nicest people in all of Columbia. I can report too that their passion for the success of their team runs deep.
I don’t know too many couples that work together professionally. Personally speaking, my wife and I will quickly admit that we probably wouldn’t comfortably succeed in a professional partnership. Team Smith is able to make it work, and then some.
Way to go Shelley and Jamie! You and your team have taken USC women’s soccer to the next level. Good luck in the NCAA’s!!!!

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