Congrats Liz Gunn and Jerry Reardon!

How Much News Can We Take in One Week?!
To put it mildly this has been one huge week in the news. So huge in fact, that I’m not sure I blogged about real estate one time. Yikes!!!

The world just learned via Facebook that Liz and Jerry are engaged to be married! These two are a couple that everyone loves to be around and I personally can’t wait to see them again.

Congratulations to you both! Elizabeth, I know you’re beaming somewhere right now. Kudo’s to you Jerry, as you have clearly out kicked your coverage (as I have).
Hope to see you this weekend somewhere!!!


  1. thanks FJ!! I finally found a computer here in the Atlantis, and went specifically to your blog!! haha See you next week – we get back Monday!

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