Condo’s, or Townhomes? Hmmmm…

This place is just freakin’ cool…

My buddy Stephen took me to Augusta National yesterday. Growing up in Anderson and living in Columbia for so long, it’s odd to most that I’ve never been to The Masters. Well, I have now…and it is beautiful.

One of the most amazing things to me, is not the course itself. I couldn’t believe that such a world famous landmark and immaculate place, is smack dab in the middle of something that looks like Decker Blvd. It seemed like we parked at the former Olive Garden on Decker, walked a few blocks and strolled by the almost vacant strip mall. You know the one. It’s the one with the satellite DMV as its only tenant. The difference is, when we took a left and entered the gates of the course, the whole world changed. When our badges were scanned, we found ourselves in an old southern, green and lush paradise. It was almost odd, but awesome.

Nevertheless, I was impressed with the course. I immediatley began looking for places to put condo’s or townhouses. Of course, I recognize that if I blurted my thoughts out loud, I may find a 3 wood lodged in my nasal cavity, and banned from the area for life.

In all, I enjoyed the day and hope to visit again soon. We are lucky that Columbia is so close to such an event.

Go Tiger….


  1. Anonymous says

    That woman could suck a golf ball through 30 foot of garden hose. Take the chrome right off a trailer hitch, too

  2. forge ahead says

    I remember last year going with a friend on Saturday and as you know they have a VERY STRICT no cell phone policy(which I am sure killed you). Some dude was yapping on his phone and one of the guards walked right up to him and cut his badge in ifs ands or buts. I hope that they were his and he didn’t have to give them back for Sunday…ooops!! Anyhow, place is gorgeous. We have our own “little augusta” in Sage Valley.

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