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ScoutandMollyIn one of the not so tightly held secrets around Columbia chatter, the Trenholm Plaza Facebook Page finally announced Wednesday that Anthropologie and J. Crew are coming to South Carolina’s capital city. Big score for Trenholm Plaza, Forest Acres, and Columbia, SC!  Thank you, Edens!

Want more buzz?  Good friends of mine are bringing a Scout and Molly’s to Columbia!  Where’s is going?  Wait for it.  Trenholm Plaza!  Their door will be directly beside the crazy popular Cafe’ Caturra restaurant/wine bar. #Winning

I’ve lived in Columbia since 1991.  Over the years I’ve watched commercial opportunities come and go.  Like everywhere, there are slow starters, winners, and big winners.  A few examples; Since I’ve been in Columbia Rosewood Dr. has transformed, Forest Drive has exploded, Woodhill/Target is a hit, and of course there’s The Vista and now Cross Hill Market.  The biggest success, perhaps, is Trenholm Plaza.  The place is an absolute juggernaut of commerce.  To bring it close to home, my career pretty much began at the Starbucks at Trenholm Plaza.  What? Why?  The answer is easy – That’s where the people are.

Why didn’t I blog about the Anthropologie/J. Crew news?   The Scout and Molly’s deal wasn’t inked yet, and was asked not to. 

There are winners all over the place on this blog post.  That said, welcome to Columbia, SC retail awesomeness Anthropologie, J. Crew, and Scout & Molly’s!

Franklin Jones


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