Columbia’s Latest Closed Transactions

Columbia‘s Closed Sales: Nov. 11 – Dec. 15, 2010
I have to admit, this report of Columbia’s closed transactions is nothing to brag about as there are about 30 homes attached. Interestingly, the number climbs to almost 100 when I include the “Northeast.”

We’re frequently asked, “What’s the best time to put a house on the market?” My answer is usually, “There’s no doubt that generally speaking there are more lookers in the spring and early summer. That said, some of my most productive months have been in November and December.”

This year is no different. While it may be difficult to top August – October of this year, we’re finishing strong. From the looks of our white board, we may close eight to 10 houses in December. We’ll see!

Again, the attached list isn’t very long. Perhaps most buyers and sellers are saving their ‘closings’ for the end of the year.

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