Columbia’s Deal of the Week…

Welcome to 1820 W. Buchanan (artist’s rendering paint). It’s in Heathwood/ Satchelford, Crayton, Flora school zone. This house is almost 2000sq/ft and sits on a lot that is almost a football field long. Home has a new (great) kitchen, which is open to other rooms in the house. Best of all, this home appraised for $290,000 almost 3 years ago! It is listed for $264,900 and I am encouraging everyone to make an offer. Serious equity on a home in Heathwood! HEATHWOOD!!! “Comment,” call or email me for details. 1/888.331.COLA ex.102, 758.1NOW, 447.VOTE or .
Send to your friends and investors…


  1. Anonymous says

    If you want to talk equity, a higher price point of course, Take a look at 2734 Canterbury Road in Forest Hills. This home appraised for $800,000 and is listed at $699,000, not to mention it has 5434sqft and is in fabulous conditions. Franklin, I would for you to sell it!!!

  2. Anonymous,

    No question, the home on Canterbury is a GREAT buy for someone. Ive been in the house and it is fantastic. The curb appeal is second to none. I love what I call “dusted” brick. This is an awesome house with massive equity. I am trying to move it for you.

    If anyone is interested in equity, both of the homes have it…no question.

  3. Anonymous,

    Send me a pic and Ill put it on the Real|Team blog.

  4. Anonymous says

    hey where are the new updates

  5. Anonymous,

    New posts are coming! I had a computer meltdown last week. It was awful. I was forced to buy a new one. My wife is about to go crazy. I go through computers like poop through a goose. 3rd pute in a year and a half!

  6. forge ahead says

    sounds like you need to stop working with a Commodore 64 and step up to at least a 486 with a pentium 1 processor…:) anything though is better than your slow texting phone

  7. Forge Ahead,

    No Commodore 64 here, Bud. Compaq. That puter helped start it all. Lost it with over 9000 emails on it. Jeesh. I have a diagnostic team trying to retrieve them, along with hundreds of pictures of houses.

    Tappin on a 17″ hp now…w/ Vista. Don’t know if Im a fan of Vista yet. We’ll see. At the moment, all I know is that I have email back.

  8. Forge Ahead,

    Groucho’s or Moe’s on Thursday? Text to remind me. 😉

  9. Anonymous says

    Wasn’t that last week’s Deal of the Week??

  10. Canterbury just sold for $621,000 vs.$699,000 list (stated on this blog) and it was a great house except for having to be a mountain goat to scale the steps in front. Too bad for Forest Hills. That’s $139/sq. ft.

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