Columbia Should Take the High Road…


Does anyone realize that when we visit Richland County for tax business, that we are feeding parking meters that belong to the City of Columbia? WUT!?

This seems pretty odd. If anyone wants to discuss their tax bill, or even pay their taxes to their local government, we have to pay another local government to do it? Of course, we all know what’s next: parking ticket.
In short, to pay or appeal our county taxes, we have to pay the city’s meter an entrance fee. Then many times, we pay an exit fee (parking ticket). Does Columbia really have to make coin on the backs of good citizens that are doing, of all things…TAX BUSINESS? Really?


  1. Wow, did you get a parking ticket today or something? Pretty ironic though. Did you realize that if you get a parking ticket on USC’s campus while you are a student there that it goes onto your tuition for your parents to pay? Now that’s awesome!

  2. mas,

    No, I didn’t get a parking ticket. However, I did have to cut my meeting short for fear of the meter running out.

    Maybe it’s not that big of a deal, but it sure doesn’t make for a welcoming experience.

  3. When I’m protesting my taxes at the assessor’s office, parking change is the last thing on my mind. Usually tears are shed.

  4. Parking in this city is unsatisfactory … to say the least.
    Has anyone else noticed that the parking meters along Main Street at Gervais have been “Reserved” for news media for the past two weeks?!!? What the *&@#^? It’s hard enough to park downtown without those idiots taking up all the parking for this NEVER ending presidential campaign we’ve got going on here.
    I’m with you Franklin! We’re like vagrants to tourists and visitors … constantly got our hand out in the form of a parking meter. Good grief.

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