Columbia, SC Agents @ Zip Code.

Today Amy and I found ourselves involved in a big picture, long-term project that involved a count of real estate professionals in our market. The map in the pic above is a snapshot of where real estate agents “hang” their licenses by zip code. In all, there are 3,200ish real estate licensees that are members of our local MLS.

As you can see, the map is very ‘telling,’ and interesting. On one hand, it may make one wonder and say, “I can’t make a living selling real estate. There are too many in it already.” Not so! There are opportunities everywhere for folks that want to learn as well as hard-working savvy entrepreneurial spirited people!

If you or anyone you know would like to learn more about the opportunities of selling real estate, please don’t hesitate to call 803-447-8683 or email I’d love to speak with you about your potential and opportunity within our market and perhaps our team.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

Note: Notice I didn’t use the word REALTOR in this post as I need to be careful here. All REALTORS are LLR licensed salespeople, but not all LLR licensees are REALTORS.

2nd Note: The agent count above will not equal 3,200, as our MLS is larger than Richland & Lexington counties, respectively.

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