Columbia Market Makes Top 20 List

When I stepped into Starbucks Thursday morning, one of my experienced real estate friends alerted me of a positive real estate piece that was written about Columbia, SC. Bout time!!! The article in reflects what many professionals in the Midlands have been saying for quite some time now.

Perhaps the best part about the article is that we’re not in the Top 20 markets in this category because our market is “that awful” or in some sort of foreclosure disaster that would plummet home prices. The reason our local market is on this list is simply because Columbia, SC is more stable than most in the U.S.

As the article states, Columbia enjoys the stability that a capital city provides via state government jobs, and the University of South Carolina. I may not remember correctly but I don’t believe the article even mentioned the market that Fort Jackson provides, which is the nations largest Army training facility.

Columbia’s not perfect by any means. Further, we know we don’t have ski slopes, beaches or Dolly Wood but right now those who live in Columbia are happy to live in a stable real estate market…and that’s something.


  1. I also saw Columbia had the highest vacancy rate in the nation at 13.5% a few months back.

    How stable is that?

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