Columbia is Perfect for Google Fiber

Columbia is Perfect American Microcosm for Pilot
If you live in Columbia you may have noticed the “Google Fiber for Columbia, SC’s” Fan Page on Facebook. It may seem like a late push to lure Google’s super duper fast pilot program to the capital city, but its nice to know we’re in the game.

Before I posted my blurb about the infamous photo of E.W., I noticed a cool story about Greenville’s efforts to lure Google’s project from Adam Fogle’s At the time I didn’t know of any local efforts, and given the timeline of the selection process I refrained from mentioning the opportunity. As you can see from “Scoops” story, our Sandlapper friends from the northwest part of the state have put forth an admirable effort.

Kudo’s to folks like Mandi Engram and Elza Hayen and others for getting Columbia’s party started. I actually think the logo is clever and am proud of what their efforts have produced in only a few short days.

Come on Google! Our city can project a little bit of everything you’d want as Columbia, SC is a perfect snapshot of American life. We’re small business heavy, diverse, a capital city, home to the country’s largest military training base and South Carolina’s flagship university.

In short, Columbia, SC may be the perfect microcosm of your macro project. Google…Columbia is Famously Hot. If you’ll make us hotter, we’ll sure make you faster. Columbia, SC will make you proud.


  1. I just met a utility worker who said he was installing google fiber here on Decker Blvd. I guess it is already here.

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